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Blackstone River Watershed Association

The Blackstone River Watershed Association (BRWA) was established in 1976 and has since played an instrumental role in cleaning up what was described as an “industrial river” in the 19th and 20th centuries. Although still threatened by industrial and increasingly residential pollution sources, the health of the Blackstone's river system continues to improve.

The BRWA’s mission is to engage, educate and advocate to improve water quality in the Blackstone River watershed.

Upcoming Events

Full Moon Paddle: Friday, September 16; 7:30 pm

Join the Blackstone River Watershed Association for a night under the stars and a full moon on the Blackstone River. We will paddle up the Blackstone River and into Factory Pond. We will pass under three railroad bridges that were built in 1918. One is an arch bridge and the other two bridges were repaired and repainted and are now part of the Blackstone River Greenway.

A major element of the mill/canal system in Blackstone was the diversion dam built at the location of the Rolling Dam. The Blackstone Canal, constructed in 1828 utilized the mill's factory pond as a reservoir and canal. At this time a new dam was built and the height increased by five feet, creating a larger reservoir to provide sufficient water supply for both the mill and the canal.

Part of the Blackstone Heritage Corridor, Inc GO! Program. For more information and to register, visit our registration page or call 508-278-5200.

For more information contact: 508-278-5200.

Monthly Meeting: Thursday, September 22; 6:45pm

The BRWA Board of Directors will hold their monthly meeting at the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park visitor's center. Public welcome.

Greenway Challenge: Saturday, September 24;

The BRWA is excited to host the Greenway Challenge transition hub at Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park! This section of the race will showcase one of our favorite sections of the Blackstone River as well as the historic Blackstone Canal and Mumford River. The water quality in the Blackstone River has come a long way and it's ability to be included in the Greenway Challenge highlights the success of river stewards.

If you're not racing this year, come help us cheer on the bikers, paddlers, and runners. To sign up as a volunteer call 508-278-5200 or email joy.trahan.liptak@thebrwa.org.

For more information contact: Joy at joy.trahan.liptak@thebrwa.org

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